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Robert B. Price


Robert graduated from the University of Washington in 1975 as a magna cum laude in painting and sculpture. He went on to independently study art and architecture in London, and then graduated in 1979 from Columbia University with a Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture. For several years he was a founding member of an experimental design studio specializing in engineering prototypes for several notable New York artists, and had many group and solo exhibitions of his own work. Mr. Price became a fabrication engineer for woodworking concerns and general contractors, and ultimately met the members of Abelow Sherman while working as a coordinated fabrication drawing artisan for Silver Rail Construction. His career path has led him back into architecture, as he joined the firm in 1998 as a highly specialized design detailer and now project architect, where he led the firm’s efforts on the Bedford Lake House and the Mt. Kisco Pool Pavilion projects. Mr. Price contributes mightily to almost all of the firm’s projects where customized integration of materials or complex structural integration are involved.